EZ4U drives its projects according to its clients' goals and ambitions

EZ4U, since its foundation, is ruled by the most demanding and strict ethic patterns, with absolute warranty of confidentiality of each project. Both the technical solutions and the consultancy projects have in mind the best interest of our clients, being assured complete analysis independence and third-party equidistance.

Know who we are and what drives us to develop EZ4U's

Our mission is defined

EZ4U's mission focus is to provide its clients immediate financial and operational benefits through an integrated approach that comprises a set of solutions which includes state of the art technology though involving reduced risks and investments.

This way, EZ4U's solutions are roughly heterogeneous and totality adaptable to each client's needs. All the considered artifacts were designed, developed and implemented always having in mind each entity's inherent structure on both a procedural and technological way.

The care and dedication given to every detail of each project, coupled with a supportive and attentive service, guarantee full respect for the needs and concerns of those who work with us and justifies the longevity of our business relations.

Skills that ensure quality

All of EZ4U's founding members are graduated by Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP), where they have lectured in areas that go form Databases and Software Engineering to Artificial Intelligence and Programming as well as participated in research activities within PhD programs' scope in topics considering Automatic Emotion Assessment, and Graphical User Interfaces Automatic Testing.

The permanent attention paid to the training of EZ4U's members as well as the constant research carried ensures skills renewal which allows EZ4U to maintain its high and demanding levels of quality, which is reflected in the developed new products and services.

solutions focused on our customers

Given the flexibility that EZ4U's methodology and skills have, and without disregarding the development of custom made solutions, EZ4U currently focuses on two main areas:

The Cost Reduction Consultancy service is truly innovative, based on results/objective sharing and without any risk for our customers;

The SMS [and Voice] Communication Platform which has high processing capacity, configuration and integration features with external systems, and with EZ4U's commitment to propose the best market conditions, whether it's a sending-off or a massive marketing campaign.

SMS & Voice Platform
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