This cross-segment consultancy service is offered to all economic activity branches and aims to reduce costs in non-core topics such as: Voice Communications, Data Networks and Licensing.

The produced recommendations are the outcome of a cross analysis of three main pillars: contracts, detailed billing, and current needs.

The service's subscription cost is solely based on the sharing of effective proven results after implementing the made recommendations - therefore a 100% success fee.

Advantages of EZ4U's Methodology

  • No Upfront Fee

    There's no upfront payment. We only share the savings that we effectively provide.

  • Contract's Term

    Our contract expires with the term of the new agreements. Our intervention has a well defined timeframe.

  • 100% Success Fee

    Pre-agreed percentage of actually achieved savings, to ensure full transparency.

  • Independence & Rigour

    Absolute independence from the operators. Our objective is to maximize savings without compromising quality.

Success Stories

Some success cases in which EZ4U developed its methodologies are presented next. All these projects were conducted without the need of any investment by the hiring organizations and also without any financial or operational risks. The information posted here was properly authorized as, by default, EZ4U is explicitly forbidden to publish any data/information by which the total number of case studies is far greater than the listed.


Data Networks



Company Landline Mobile Phone Data Networks
Grafopel 79% 14% 20%
Soprefa 19% 42% 61%
GoldenBroker 24% 23% 48%
CargoTeam 62% 38% 78%
ExpandIndústria 70% 34% 53%

Our Clients

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